The Safety Brand of Camouflage.


Safety Shot App

  • Safety Awareness helping save lives
  • Knowing Location, Distance, Status and more...
  • Emergency Alerts that send your last coordinates
  • Encouraging Personal Responsibility and Observation
  • Information on Safety Tips, Messages and Incidents

Safety S.H.O.T. is part of Project Zero, an initiative of AmmoCamo. Our safety awareness will save lives and strengthen our 2nd Amendment.

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AmmoCamo is not just another camouflage for your outdoor experiences. It is a representation of the passion you have for firearms.

Our Mission

The patterns we create are made entirely of images of ammunition, so that you not only bear the firearms you care so much about, you wear 'em!

AmmoCamo is committed to strategically helping promote gun rights, gun safety and gun handling through numerous organizations in your community.

It's really about passing on our passion as a legacy to our children.


Safety Tips

  1. Don’t assume that Laws protect us from accidents in the outdoors.

  2. The only thing that reflects safe outcomes is our personal responsibility.
  3. Understanding the operation, risk, terrain, and observation skills to safely experience the outdoors is most important to safe outcomes.
  4. Think about your use before using a Firearm, Boat, or ATV by thinking about where you are going, who you will be with, what may have changed in conditions (wet, weather, other activity) and don’t look at experience as time. Experience is based on you observation skill and personal responsibility.
  5. Your property is your responsibility. Be sure to be observant of a friend or family member before allowing them to use your property and even with their own property. We are only as safe as the skill level of the person with us in many circumstances.


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